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Master of Science in Taxation

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MST Internships

Our internship program is designed to give qualified applicants practical work experience in accounting. This experience enables students to assess the correctness of a career choice, to apply in practice concepts and ideas which until now have only been studied in the classroom, and to better choose remaining accountancy electives. Internships are offered for the summer and spring semesters for 11 weeks minimum.

Accountancy 673

Internships are taken for three credit hours (ACCY 673). During the internship, interns work full-time as accountants and are paid a salary commensurate with their abilities. Students may not enroll in other courses during the time period of their internship. Permanent employment may not be used for ACCY 673 and ACCY 673 may not be taken as the last course in a program. Students are also responsible for bi-weekly activity reports, current development reports, an oral presentation critiqued by peers and accounting professionals and group meetings during their internships.

A student with a NIU undergraduate Accounting degree and admitted to the MST program, meets the MST internship prerequisite criteria. For other students, a minimum of 21 hours in accounting is required. This includes equivalents to ACCY 510A, ACCY 510S, ACCY 520, ACCY 531, ACCY 560, ACCY 532, and ACCY 550. A graduate internship is not required for the LMAS program.

Internship Deadline

The deadlines for applications for all internship programs are regularly announced through a variety of department channels. Please contact Tamara Phelan (815-753-6208) or email tphelan@niu.edu for more information.