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Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA)


A recent independent poll found that nearly half (47%) of executives rated professional experience as the most important quality in hiring new graduates - more than the type of degree earned (18%) and more than grade point average (17%). You can gain professional experience as an intern while earning up to six hours of elective credit towards your business administration degree program.

Internships are encouraged. Students generally obtain an internship between the junior and senior year during the summer as a means of enhancing the classroom experience and gaining valuable "real world" experience.

As summer intern you are able to earn up to six hours of elective credit. Always check with your advisor as to the number of hours you need and the approval process to earn credit. You should attend all informational meetings concerning internship preparation, work with Career Services, your advisor and your network of friends and family to learn of opportunities that are available.

To learn more about earning credit for internships please contact your advisor.