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Career Planner

Career Planner

Will I Get a Job After Graduation? This is a question that all students wonder about as they get closer to graduation. Northern Illinois University and the College of Business offer many services to aid students in their quest for that perfect job after graduation. Take advantage of these services and offerings and you'll be on your way!

What Should I Do First?

  • Spend some time at the NIU Major WebLinks (http://www.niu.edu/careerservices/weblinks/) and become familiar with the occupations and the industries within your area of interest.

  • Write a resume! Resources are available in the Career Resource Center and Career Services office. Type in "resume writing" in any search engine and you'll get many additional resources. NOTE: Don't have someone else write your resume. The process of writing your resume is an important step in your interview preparation.

  • Be sure to register for the "Careers Course" within your major department. (Most departments offer a course of this type for Juniors/Seniors. Talk with your advisor.) These courses focus on career development and job search skills including continuing development of your resume and interviewing tips.

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