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The College of Business highly recommends that students attain some sort of related work experience during their college years. Many students plan to do an internship the summer before their senior year, but others are fortunate enough to do more than one internship during their tenure in the College of Business. Do as many as you can. The more work experience you can gather the better able you will be to make career decisions, see relevance in your major courses, and WOW the recruiters in your search for that first position.

Resources available to you in your search for an internship include:

  1. Your Academic Department. Be sure to stay in communication by reading your department's email (COBMail Groups), and participating in any internship related events. Also be aware that you may receive academic credit for internship experience once you are in the upper division level program. See your academic advisor for specific information pertinent to the internship program in your department. As a junior be sure to take the Careers Course offered in your academic department for help with your resume and the job/internship search.

  2. The Career Services office. Find leads to career related jobs by registering on Huskies Get Hired online:

    • Fill out profile.
    • Update and upload your resume.
    • Meet with a Career Services counselor in the Campus Life Building (CLB 220) or Barsema Hall (BH 303B).
    • Search and apply for internships.
    • Participate in on-campus interviews.
    • Attend Fall and Spring internship fairs.
  3. Network, network, network. Let everyone you know that you are looking for career related experience. Be sure that you have a resume ready to go. Help in creating a resume is available in the Career Services office, Campus Life Building 220.