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High-Impact HR: Challenges and Opportunities Related to Building an Effective, Strategic, and Influential HR Function
Mahesh Subramony discusses strategic partnership in Human Capital Institute's report on High Impact HR

Organizations face many challenges in managing their people, such as managing a multi-generational and global workforce within a skills shortage. To stay competitive there is a strong focus on retaining the best talent and keeping employees engaged while managing an increasing virtual workforce. Are HR functions and HR leaders equipped to meet these challenges? The Human Capital Institute (HCI), along with research partner SuccessFactors, explored the current state of HR. read more...

The Sweet Maker's Tale
blog: Mahesh Subramony

While small businesses account for an estimated 49 percent of all private sector jobs in the US, most discussions on human capital strategy revolve around the best practices of multi-divisional (e.g., GE) or technology-intensive (e.g., Google) firms. It is true that small business firms do not typically design and implement long term human capital strategies and usually lack a strategic HR function or a Chief Talent Officer. However, they do struggle with issues related to the attraction, development and retention of talent. This became evident to me, serendipitously, during a recent visit to a sweet shop on Devon Avenue in Chicago. read more...