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Below are the committees and projects we're working on during the Spring 2013 semester. Every committee/project could use some extra help!

Social Media - Implementing creative techniques on Facebook and LinkedIn to showcase NIU's interactive marketing program to students, alumni, and recruiters.
** Contact Felicia Aguillon if you're interested in helping!

Chicago Blackhawks Guest Speaker -The Interactive Board will be bringing in a representative from the Chicago Blackhawks to speak in Barsema Hall about his position as the Director of New Media for the Chicago Blackhawks.
** Contact Mike Glassberg if you're interested in helping!

Course Description Videos - We're filming short, 30 seconds videos of interactive marketing professors explaining their classes, so that students can see and understand what their class is about, in their teacher's own words. We think this has the opportunity to revolutionize how classes are described to students and parents.
** Contact Nykole Gault if you're interested in helping!

Website Design & Analytics - Looking at the Interactive Marketing website and using analytics and information from MKTG 370 to make significant changes to the website.
** Contact Dan Knauf if you're interested in helping!

Alumni Database - Creating and designing an alumni database from scratch so the interactive marketing program has a functional alumni database.
** Contact Alaine Coleman if you're interested in helping!