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The Interactive Marketing area of study is supported by the Chicago Association of Direct Marketing Educational Foundation and offers students a state of the art curriculum. Graduates in the Interactive Marketing area of study are well rounded and prepared for many positions in interactive marketing. These courses combined with a general marketing curriculum provide NIU students with the knowledge and ability to succeed in an entry level direct marketing or related position. The following courses are REQUIRED to complete the Certificate in Interactive Marketing:

  • Marketing Research - MKTG 443 (3)
    Research methods as applied to the field of marketing including problem definition, research design, survey design, data collection and analysis, and presentation of results. PRQ: MKTG 310 or UBUS 310, and UBUS 223 or STAT 301 or STAT 350.
  • Internet Marketing - MKTG 370 (3)
    Introduction to business functions using the Internet. Topics include the World Wide Web, discussion groups, email, the different functions and applications of the Internet, and how interactive technologies have changed business and consumer practices. Emphasis on the effect of the use of interactive technology on a company's existing market mix and current and potential uses of the Internet for marketing tactics and strategies. PRQ: MKTG 310 or UBUS 310.
  • Interactive Marketing Technology - MKTG 470 (3)
    Analysis and implementation of the technology used to support interactive marketing systems for business-to-business and business-to-customer marketing strategies. Topics include but are not limited to multichannel campaign management, search engine optimization technology and social networking applications. Requires students to use marketing technologies to plan and implement a project to create value for a client organization. PRQ: UBUS 310 or MKTG 310, and MKTG 370 and consent of department.

Choose ONE from the following:

  • Integrated Marketing Communications - MKTG 348 (3)
    Survey of marketing communications as a tool for making and implementing marketing decisions. Emphasis on communication strategy formulation and development of the promotion mix. Topics include advertising, public relations, sales promotions, direct marketing, and personal selling. PRQ: MKTG 310 or UBUS 310.
  • Multichannel Direct Marketing - MKTG 355 (3)
    Survey of all aspects of direct marketing through multiple channels. Traditional direct marketing topics including direct mail, retail direct marketing, print media, and list management. Current topics including electronic media, interactive marketing, customer relationship marketing, strategic database marketing, and privacy issues. PRQ: MKTG 310 or UBUS 310.
  • Database Marketing and Data Mining - MKTG 455 (3)
    Intensive examination of the concepts and tools to manage and utilize a marketing information system,-using database information in a marketing context. Emphasis on the use of various statistical tools to identify marketing opportunities.-Topics may include recency, frequency, and monetary (RFM) analysis, clustering techniques, linear and logistic regression, and an introduction to neural networking and its use in marketing information systems. CRQ: MKTG 355 or OMIS-452.
  • Database Management for Business - OMIS 452 (3)
    Comparison of database management packages for business computers with laboratory exercises that deal with the development of business applications. Practical experience with the most current database management packages. PRQ: UBUS 310 and OMIS 351, or consent of department.