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MBA Evening Curriculum

NIU's MBA strives to achieve excellence through a process of continuous review and improvement, responsive to MBA students by creating opportunities for mastery of traditional, current, and emerging knowledge and responsive to employers by producing high-quality graduates with the competencies and abilities necessary to participate effectively in a rapidly changing, increasingly diverse, global business environment.

Minimum competencies in computer, mathematics (including successful completion of MATH 210, Finite Mathematics, or a first course in calculus), and communication skills will be expected before entry into the programs. Most students now entering the MBA program have acquired these skills as part of their undergraduate programs. For those who have not, such courses are readily available at undergraduate schools or community colleges.

All students must have access to business library material and a personal computer with spreadsheet and word processing software, email, and Internet access.

Degree Completion Time

If Phase Two Only
30 semester hours plus the colloquium block

If Phase One and Phase Two
48 semester hours plus the colloquium block

Time Limitation

All Phase Two requirements must be met within six consecutive years. This time limitation commences with entry into the first Phase Two course, including work for which transfer credit is allowed. If a course taken to complete the requirements for Phase Two does not fall within the six-year period allowed for the degree, the student must demonstrate currency by examination or by repeating the course.