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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the application deadline?
The Graduate School must receive the complete application no later than July 15 for the fall semester, December 10 for the spring semester, or June 1 for the summer session. For any deadline occurring on a Saturday, Sunday, or university holiday, the deadline becomes the next day on which university offices are open.

Can I meet with an advisor?
Most advising by the academic counselor is done by telephone or email, at 815-753-1245 or mba@niu.edu. Individual appointments can be set up at our NIU campus in DeKalb. We do suggest that you attend one of our open house events where most questions are likely to be answered.

Where do you offer your MBA and can I complete the program in one location?
Our MBA program is offered in two convenient locations: Hoffman Estates and Naperville. Although you can complete your degree at any of these locations, you are not limited to just one site. Once admitted, you can select a course from any site.

Do you offer any Saturday courses?
Courses are offered primarily one night per week, Monday through Thursday. If weeknights are not convenient, the Office of MBA Program also offers a Saturday Executive MBA Program.

Can I submit my application even though I have not taken the GMAT?
We strongly recommend that you begin and complete the application process as early as possible. GMAT scores are not necessary to begin this process. Once your application is received a file is started and, as additional information comes in, it is added directly into your file.

If I have already completed a master's or professional degree, do I need the GMAT?
We will consider waiver of the GMAT on an individual basis. Contact our academic counselor and be prepared for us to review your undergraduate and graduate transcripts, résumé, and applicable test scores.

Who should I contact to find out the status of my application?
Once your application has been received and processed by the Graduate School, you will be mailed a postcard confirming its receipt with a checklist of items received and/or already on file. The postcard will include the name of your records officer to contact for your application status. If you have misplaced your postcard, call the Graduate School at (815) 753-0395.

How long does it take to complete the application process?
Once your application file has been completed, including your application, fee, transcripts, letters of recommendation, GMAT, TOEFL (if applicable), and résumé, we ask that you allow two weeks for us to evaluate your file and make a decision.

How can I find out which Phase I foundation courses I will be required to take?
For a Phase I evaluation, you may fax a copy of your official or unofficial transcript(s)to our academic advisor at (fax) (815) 753-3300. Please be sure to include a number or email address where you can be reached for the results of the evaluation.

Can Phase I courses be waived based on work experience?
Phase I courses are only waived based on successful completion of the course(s) at an undergraduate or graduate institution. If you have significant work experience in a particular area, we suggest you take an exemption exam. Admitted students are eligible to take these exams. Successfully passing the exam on your first and only attempt will waive that Phase I requirement. Exemption exams are available for all Phase I courses.

Are there any other program prerequisites I should be aware of?
Minimum competencies in computer, mathematics, and communication skills will be expected before entry into the program. Successful completion of Finite Mathematics, or a first course in calculus, is required. This course can be completed through your local community/junior college.

Am I required to select an area of study?
Areas of study are not required as part of your MBA program. You should select electives that are most beneficial to your professional and personal development. Most students select the General Area of Study by choosing any three electives.

What if I do not meet the minimum admission criteria for your MBA program?
Although we have minimum admission criteria, we will evaluate your file on an individual basis. If you have special circumstances, contact our academic advisor at 1- (866) -NIU-MBA1 (866-648-6221) or (815) 753-1264 to discuss your situation.

How long will it take to complete my MBA?
Our program offers the flexibility for you to take courses at your own pace. Students take one, two or three courses in a semester. The time it takes to complete your MBA will depend on your undergraduate degree and the number of courses you are able to take each semester. The average completion time for the MBA program is 3.5 years; however, it is possible for a student with an undergraduate degree in business to complete the Evening MBA in less than 24 months.

What if I need to stop out a semester?
Our program offers the convenience for students to stop out without penalty. Although you can stop out for up to 12 months without penalty, students usually do not take advantage of this option unless there are extreme circumstances. Some students elect to take one or two semesters off at most depending on work or other personal situations.