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About NIU's College of Business


About NIU's College of Business

Welcome to the very center of the NIU College of Business, a nationally ranked learning community that narrows the gap between thinking and achieving. Whether you enter as a freshman or you transfer in from another school, everything that happens here is with your success in mind. If you want to make things happen, NIU Business is the place to be.  Because like you we believe that experiencing what it's like to implement ideas while you're in college is as important as the intellectual foundation you get here.

Join us and see learning and business differently. Check out how students, alumni, and business partners describe the NIU Business difference:

  • Interact on a personal level with award-winning faculty, staff, advisors, and business professionals who care about and believe in you. Hear firsthand from more than 100 business professionals who guest lecture each semester.

  • Belong immediately in a welcoming college that focuses on your success. Find the best business major through the Career Compass program. Live in the Business Careers House with fellow business students. Attend special events like Student Welcome Days and Student Appreciation Day.

  • Put your knowledge to work by solving real world business challenges in several project-based classes. Gain meaningful experiences through paid internships in companies and on campus. Get 24/7 access to NIU's "Huskies Get Hired" online resume builder and job search tool that lists more than 4,100 jobs and 1,150 internships.

  • Learn by Doing and focus on the skills companies want. Experience a comprehensive curriculum that emphasizes teamwork and ethics, and combines hands-on problem solving with important business teachings. Explore a wide range of skills demanded by industry through the college's Business Passport activities that run throughout the semester.

  • Enjoy opportunities to network by joining any of the nearly 30 diverse business student organizations and clubs. Build life-long friendships, career opportunities, business contacts, as well as leadership, communications, and organization skills.

  • Thrive in a world-class learning environment that melds together a small, private college feeling with best-in-class stature and state of the art technologies. Utilize all the in person and online resources you need in one beautiful facility, Barsema Hall, which receives constant technological upgrades.

More than 55,000 NIU Business alumni shape the world of business since the college's founding in 1961. More than 28,000 of them are CEOs and senior-level executives in firms in the greater Chicago area. Add in the college's long-standing relationships with organizations in the international city of Chicago and you have endless possibilities to benefit from a vibrant professional network.