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Experiential Learning Center

The NIU College of Business Experiential Learning Center (ELC) connects teams of the very best students with accomplished executives.  Over the course of a 16-week collaboration, NIU students apply their energies and talents to help solve cross-functional business issues.


Spencer Mari



Graduation Cords for ELC Participants


Spencer Mari, Class of 2017
Three ELC Projects:

Spring '16 - Scot Forge
Fall '16 - Medline
Spring '17 - Caterpillar

Students: Experience Learning by Doing

Apply the knowledge, skills, and theories learned in the classroom, to find real business solutions.

  • Earn 3 credit hours
  • Build your resume
  • Develop a valuable skillset
  • Receive professional coaching
  • Use cutting-edge lab technology and facilities

Sponsors: Put the ELC to Work for You

Sponsor a cross-functional team of six to eight of NIU's best students to focus on your business issue.

  • Gain fresh insights
  • Discover impactful business solutions
  • Engage in a 16-week job interview of our brightest students
  • Become a role model to young, open-minded individuals