NIFB Angel Fund

ELC Angels Foundation Fund

ELC projects require a sponsor fee to cover the cost of faculty stipends, materials and supplies, travel, and technology. Most non-profit organizations are not in the financial position to pay this fee and many are in need of business advice to enhance efficiency, reach more clients or donors, refresh and revise strategic planning, and so on, to enhance their missions.

The ELC Angels Foundation was established as a means to gather funds from multiple sponsors to cover the sponsor fee for deserving non-profit organizations. Non-profit organizations must apply for funding and meet the following criteria:

  1. The preferred organization must be a qualified, 501 (c) 3 organization in good financial standing.
  2. The organization must submit a proposal which articulates the following requirements:
    • Well-defined business issue
    • Personnel who are accessible to ELC team
    • Demonstrated need for the ELC Project
    • Value non-profit brings to its community

The selection of the recipient(s) will be made under the guidance of Balaji Rajagopalan, the Dean of the NIU College of Business.

When sufficient funds are available, an organization will be selected to be the recipient of an ELC project. The result will not only benefit the non-profit organization, but will significantly contribute to the college experience and education of the students who are selected for the team.


Fund Recipients

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