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The NIU College of Business Experiential Learning Center (ELC) connects five to eight teams of the very best students with accomplished executives.  Over the course of a 16-week collaboration, NIU students apply their energies and talents to help solve cross-functional business issues.

Project & Sponsor Selection

Projects are selected based on the organization's needs and time frame. Project sponsors are selected by the Director of the ELC based on the scope and subject of the project. Sponsors can be large or small scale organizations, profit or non-profit, and public or private corporations. The ELC looks for organizations willing to support a student team and provide the necessary resources needed for a successful project outcome.

A minimum project fee is required for each semester long project to off set project costs. These costs include a coach stipend, travel reimbursement for students and coaches, material and supplies, and technology needed for project. If a sponsor is a non-profit organization, alternative ways of funding may be available. Depending on the value the project team provides, an additional donation to provide scholarships and fund non-profit ELC projects is strongly encouraged.


Put the ELC to Work for You

  • Gain fresh insights
  • Discover impactful business solutions
  • Engage in a 16-week job interview of our brightest students
  • Become a role model to young, open-minded individuals

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