Alumni Testimonials

Zach Fiegel

“The ELC provided me with the best in-school opportunity to get real, hands-on experience. Everything I had to do in the classroom was great, but the ELC took things to another level. ELC teams are forced to think critically, manage difficult situations, and solve real problems for the organizations they work with.”

Zach Fiegel
National Basketball Association


Bob Bemister“The ELC gives students the ability to develop and practice soft skills that employers look for. Students are able to graduate as polished professionals due to the experience they receive working alongside corporate executives.”

Bob Bemister
PCM Technology Solutions


Lexi Wozny“In the role I have today, listening and uncovering customer needs is a large part of my job, and my ELC experience played a role in developing those skills. The ELC was also extremely crucial in gaining more confidence in myself and realizing my potential as a young professional.”

Lexi Wozny
Resolution Media

Eric Weisenberger“The Experiential Learning Center offered me the chance to utilize the practices and teachings I learned in the classroom and apply them in a real-world setting. It was also a great opportunity to network and advance my leadership skills. There has been no better experience in my education.”

Eric Weisenberger
Enterprise Rent-a-Car


Brittany Anderson“Working with students of different majors during my ELC project gave me the opportunity to appreciate how different people with different skillsets and knowledge bases can help me to do my job more efficiently. Employers don’t expect you to know everything, but rather that you are able to use resources to find solutions to the given situation.”

Brittany Anderson
Sanford Health

Clay ParksIf I had to do college all over again, there is no way I would miss out on the ELC. I hope every student takes advantage of the great opportunity to do something that will truly help their future.”

Clay Parks
Caterpillar, Inc.