Barsema Hall

Thanks to the generosity of Dennis and Stacey Barsema, NIU's College of Business moved into Barsema Hall in the Fall of 2002. Read the press release announcing the gift.

Barsema Hall sets the standard for the learning environment of the 21st century offering a place for business students to learn, study, meet, or just relax among their fellow students as well as with faculty and staff.

Our 144,000 square foot facility combines classrooms, computer labs, a 375-seat auditorium, specialized labs, faculty and staff offices, and spaces for studying, meeting, and even eating. The core of the building contains a large atrium space complete with a cafe.  View a map of Barsema Hall.

"Three Sons" Cafe

The Three Sons Cafe, Barsema's gathering spot, is located on the first floor of Barsema Hall and is operated by NIU's Food Service. The cafe offers a variety of sandwiches, salads, drinks, and desserts. Vending Machines are also located on the first floor at the west end of the atrium. A change machine is there that will take $1 and $5 bills. You may reach the Three Sons Cafe by calling 753-0216.

**NOTE: All food and drink should be consumed in the atrium. No food or any beverages are allowed in the computer labs, investment lab, communications center, or by the web kiosks. No food or any beverage except bottled water are allowed outside of the atrium space.**

Lost & Found

Lost and Found for items misplaced within Barsema Hall is centralized in the Dean's Office in Barsema Hall. If you find anything in a classroom or other public space, please turn it in to room 139, the Dean's Office. This is also where you should go if you have lost something. Flash drives forgotten in the computer labs are now taken to the Dean's Office in Barsema Hall, as well.