Barsema Hall Announcement System

LCD monitors are located throughout the building and display the latest College of Business announcements. Any announcement relative to the college can be posted on the system by completing the request form below.  The announcement must somewhere indicate what NIU/COB class or organization it is representing (this can be in the form of a logo or a "Brought to you by...", etc.). With few exceptions, announcements will be allowed to run for two weeks prior to the event. No announcements may be taped, posted, or left lying in any public spaces in Barsema Hall.

Posting of General Announcements

Attach your image(s) in .jpg, .pdf, or .ppt format. or enter the text of your announcement in an email message, and a slide will be created for you. Announcements may be modified to conform with our standards.

NOTE: When creating your announcement please remember that the information appears on the screen for approximately 10 seconds so providing basic information then directing users to a web address for further information is helpful.

The graphic to the right is an example of an announcement with adequate information and good use of white space. see sizing & spacing guidelines...

Example Announcement Slide

Posting of Welcome Announcements

If you wish to have an announcement welcoming a special guest or group to Barsema for a particular day, please submit a request with the information. Allow 48 hours for the information to be processed.