Management Student Advisory Board (MSAB)

The Management Student Advisory Board has been established through the Northern Illinois University governance policy and procedure for student involvement and participation in administrative affairs and matters impacting on student academic programs.

The purpose of MSAB is:

  • to adequately reflect and represent student views;
  • to advise the department on all matters in which students have a substantial interest;
  • to develop and coordinate procedures to select faculty for excellence in teaching awards.

Members of MSAB serve as liaisons between the department and Management majors. MSAB has played a critical role in selecting faculty and students to be recognized at the department's annual awards banquet (including the department's representative for the Excellence in Teaching Award). MSAB also runs the peer mentoring program for new NIU College of Business students.

MSAB always welcomes new members. If you are interested in joining our organization, stop by one of our meetings or contact the Department of Management at or 815-753-1124.

The Management Coaching Network

The Management Coaching Network is a peer-to-peer mentoring program that links upper-level management students with new students at NIU. Upper-level students are trained by faculty experts in coaching and leadership and serve as mentors for new students.

If you have an interest in serving as a coach or you are a student who is seeking information or guidance, please contact the Department of Management at 815-753-1124.

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