NIU Investment Association

The NIU Investment Association was founded in January, 2009 by three enterprising finance majors who wanted to create a discussion-based forum in which they could share ideas and gain hands-on experience with investing strategies.

The club meets on Tuesday evenings throughout each semester.  A typical one-hour meeting begins with an overview of current events and an update on the simulated portfolio competition.  Various platforms for this competition have been used, with our current selection being Wall Street Survivor.  After the winners (and losers!) are reviewed, we move on to the topic of the week.  Popular past topics include options, technical analysis, gold investing, political implications, oil companies, taxation, retirement investing, etc.  We then move on to the stock of the week and/or a student presentation.  Student presentation topics are generally narrower than discussion topics (e.g., differences between a Roth vs. a Traditional IRA, WAG vs. CVS, call vs. put options, etc.).  The meeting concludes with voting for the next week's topic and stock/presentation.

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