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Name:Rachel Jones
Position: President

Bio: Hello. My name is Rachel Jones, and I will be the President of Ascend NIU for the Fall 2014 semester.  I'm a senior Accountancy student with plans to continue at NIU with a Masters in Business Administration.  This will be my fifth semester participating in Ascend, and I owe much of my professional development to my time spent with the organization.  Through Ascend, I have participated in and have won several competitions, met with inspirational professionals, and attended many seminars and workshops. I have also enjoyed spending time with like-minded students during our social and service events. Ascend is an asset to any student wishing to further their professional skills, and I look forward to helping Ascend continue to strive with our new and continuing members this semester.


William Tsang

Name:Zeyi Zhang
Position: External Vice-President

Bio: Hello. My name is Zeyi Zhang, I am a graduate Accountancy student in the LMAS program. This is my third semester with Ascend. I love this organization because of how much it has helped me to grow professionally and also because of its friendly environment. All the members are so nice and eager to participate in all of the events. As the External Vice President for the 2014 Fall semester, it is my responsibility to organize professional events for our students to gain a better understanding of the real market and to create social events for members to grow closer as a group. My goal for Ascend this semester is to expand our organization and increase its popularity among NIU students. In my free time, I like to read and play badminton. I am looking forward to meeting all of you.

Hyojin Kim

Name:Zhoubin Yuan
Position: Internal Vice President

Bio: Hello! My name is Zhoubin Yuan, or Joe. This is both my second year at NIU as well as Ascend. I plan to earn both my Bachelors of Accounting degree and Masters degree at NIU.  I joined Ascend because it gives me a feeling of family environment. As this semester’s Internal Vice President, I will keep the keep my promise to make Ascend grow. In my free time, I enjoy drawing and photography. I am looking forward to meeting you all.

Andrew Myers Name:Danny Lee
Position: Treasurer

Bio: Hello, my name is Danny Lee. This is my second semester at Ascend and I was elected as a treasurer this semester. I believe it is a big responsibility to be an executive member in an organization. My primary goal is to learn how to become a leader as I gain experience through various Ascend's events throughout the semester. Secondarily, working with other members would improve relationship skills that I can use in actual work environment, which is the most important part of working society: team work. I was mainly motivated by previous Ascend leaders and that brought me to challenge this important role, but other peers worked very hard and intelligently I wanted to also learn from them by working together as executive members in Ascend. I hope this opportunity can be helpful to myself and to everyone. 
Dawid Dziadkowiec

Name:Xiangni Toh
Position: Secretary

Bio: My name is XiangNi Toh, and it is my pleasure to serve as the Secretary for Ascend NIU. I am an international transfer student from Malaysia. This is my third semester with Ascend and also NIU. I am glad that Ascend has offered me such a huge opportunity to help develop Ascend as one of the most distinguished professional organizations at NIU. As the secretary, my goal is to build up the reputation of Ascend so that more and more people will come to recognize Ascend. On the other side, as an ambitious student at NIU, my goals are to be a successful CPA, and secure a job in the States within three years from now. I am confident and as well as certain of my future plan. However, I spend most of my time watching TV.


Rachel Jones

Name:Yifan Jiang
Position: Technology Director

Bio: Hello, I am Yifan Jiang, the IT director of Ascend. This is both my second semester here at NIU as well as Ascend. My major is accounting, and I am also interested in courses like computer science and database management; that’s one of the reasons I choose my current position. My job is to update and maintain the website as well as help the internal VP to maintain the database. I hope the knowledge I’ve learned so far can help me with my work. Last semester I had a great time here. All the fellows and events were amazing. I have learned a lot of things and have improved so much. Now it’s time for me to do something in return. In my free time, I enjoy watching movies and animations, as well as work out and play basketball. I am looking forward to meeting you.


Shayan Ahmed


Name:Rudong Fan
Position: Publicity Director

Bio: My name is Rudong Fan. I came to U.S. from China in 2009. I feel fortunate to study in the U.S. and learn the culture of such a great country.  I finished my general education at Elgin Community College and I am currently a senior studying accounting at Northern Illinois University. I am a very enthusiastic and outgoing person. I am excited to be the publicity director of Ascend. Not only because it is an opportunity to support my personal and professional growth, but because it also allows me to apply my personal experience and skills to make Ascend a better organization.  As the publicity director of Ascend, my goal is to communicate with different firms and deliver accurate information in time to our members.