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Name: William Tsang
Position: President

Hello. My name is William Tsang and I will be the President of Ascend NIU during the Spring 2014 semester. I am a graduate student and this is my fourth semester with Ascend NIU. Ascend is a much more personal organizations compared to others at NIU. Ascend provides many opportunities and great environments for members to meet professionals, serve the community, and get to know more classmates. My goal as a President this semester is to organize excellent events and challenging opportunities for members to learn and meet people in addition to the ordinary school curriculum. Also to increase the recognition of the organization at NIU. Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns.


William Tsang

Name: Dawid Dziadkowiec
Position: External Vice-President

Hello. My name is Dawid Dziadkowiec, I am a graduate Accountancy student in the LMAS program. This is my fourth year at NIU and my third semester as part of Ascend. I joined Ascend after being invited to the organization by a current member to participate in an ethics case competition which the chapter won. I also joined because of the friendly environment and wonderful opportunities which Ascend provides to its members. As the chapter ’s External Vice President my responsibility is to create and organize events and activities that promote member experience and learning. I will do my best in terms of inviting experienced professional to meetings as well as organizing fun filled social events. My goal for Ascend this semester is to help the organization grow and be even more recognizable on campus. In my free time I enjoy playing soccer and tennis as well as reading. I look forward to meeting and working with all of you this semester.

Hyojin Kim

Name: Shayan Ahmed
Position: Internal Vice President

Bio: My name is Shayan Ahmed, and I am the current Internal Vice President for Ascend's NIU chapter. I am studying accountancy, and I am an avid reader of fantasy novels. I originally joined Ascend because it was required for a class. After meeting the members, I found that I liked Ascend, the people in it, and the familial environment of the group. Although I was somewhat shy at first, I ended up attending a Student Leadership Conference, participating in KPMG's case competition at the conference, and running for the e-board (with some encouragement from Will!). Ascend is a wonderful student organization, and I hope to learn from the people that are a part of it. I am excited to serve as Internal Vice President for my 3rd semester with Ascend, & my 4th semester at NIU!

Andrew Myers Name: Saul Parra
Position: Treasurer

Bio: My name is Saul Parra and I am an international student from Mexico. I started my studies in the US two years ago. I am a Junior Finance student at NIU. I just transferred to NIU one semester ago and this is my second semester with NIU and Ascend. For this semester I will be the new Treasurer of Ascend. I will be in charge of creating and updating cash flow budgets, and catering for professional events among others. Besides my main duties I want to help Ascend grow and to be recognized as the best organization at NIU. I am very friendly, so I ’ll be more than willing to help people with any kind of questions or difficulties. I am very confident that Ascend will have a great and positive impact at NIU! GO HUSKIES!
Dawid Dziadkowiec

Name: Nan Xiao
Position: Secretary

Hello everyone, my name is Nan and you can also call me Nancy. I am an international student from China. I love traveling and taking pictures. I am currently the Secretary of Ascend and my major is accounting. I had a very good time in Ascend last year. This group is amazing. I experienced so many wonderful things last year through Ascend. I got a lot of professional advises from alumni and companies by attending the various events held by Ascend. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. I like meeting new people and making friends :)


Rachel Jones

Name: ZhouBin Yuan
Position: Technology Director

Hello! my name is Zhoubin Yuan, or Joe. This is both my first semester at NIU as well as Ascend. I plan to earn both my Bachelors of Accounting degree and Master ’s degree at NIU. I joined Ascend because it gives me a feeling of family environment. As this semester’s Technology Director I will keep the technology functions of Ascend running well. Also, I am going to design a database for Ascend. In my free time, I enjoy drawing and photography. I am looking forward to meeting you all.


Shayan Ahmed

Name: Zeyi Zhang
Position: Recruiter

Hello! my name is Zeyi Zhang. I am a graduate student in Accounting. Ascend is an active and fast-growing organization. I really appreciate Ascend giving me the opportunity to learn, to grow, to serve, and to become more professional. This is the reason why I would like to stay with the organization and to give back as well. As the recruiter for the 2013 Spring semester, I will do my best to introduce this club to students with a Business degree and also to motivate members to take advantage of Ascend to help them be better prepared for the real world.

In my free time, I enjoy cooking, practingcing TaeKownDo, and watching TV. I really hope you can have a good time in Ascend like I do. I am looking forward to meeting you.

Shayan Ahmed

Name: Xiang-Ni Toh
Position: Publicity Director

My name is Xiang-Ni Toh, and it is my pleasure to serve as the Publicity Director for Ascend NIU. I am an international transfer student from Malaysia. This is my second semester with ASCEND and also NIU. I am glad that Ascend has offered me such a hugh opportunity to help develop Ascend as one of the most distinguished professional organizations at NIU. As the publicity director, my goal is to build up the reputation of Ascend so that more and more people will come to recognize Ascend. On the other side, as an ambitious student at NIU, my goals are to be successful CPA and secure a job in the United States within three years from now. I am confident and as well as certain of my future plans. However, I spend most on my time watching TV.