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Accountancy Department

Careers in Accountancy

Accounting is often said to be the "language of business". Instant communication facilities, rapid commercial transactions, and expanding international trade have enlarged the importance of the role the accountant plays in the global business environment.

Persons planning a career in accounting should have an aptitude to analyze, compare, and interpret facts and figures. They must be able to clearly communicate the results of their work to clients and managers. Accountants must be good at working with people, as well as with business systems and computers. Because of the services accountants perform, they must have a high standard of integrity and ethics.

Graduates with a BS in Accountancy are expected to be sufficiently competent in the areas of cost management, financial accounting, accounting information systems, assurance services, federal income taxes, and related business areas to have the necessary foundation for a career, and for graduate study.

Accountancy Careers

  • Public Accounting
    Auditing; consulting (mergers/acquisitions, organizations/re-organizations, IPOs); taxation; business advising
  • Corporations/Non-Profit Organizations
    Controller; Chief Financial Officer; Internal Audit; Financial Reporting/Financial Management
  • Government Agencies
    US Government Accountability Office; IRS; State and local government
  • Business Consulting/Advising
  • Springboard for other careers
    Business development and management; strategic planning/development; law

Prepare for an Accountancy Career while at NIU

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