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Accountancy Department

Scholarship Opportunities

In 2012, the Department of Accountancy and the College of Business awarded $463,060 to 186 Accountancy scholarship winners. NIU awarded 305 accountancy students an additional $951,294 in scholarship assistance.

Scholarships available to College of Business undergraduate students can be found at www.scholarships.niu.edu/ScholarshipFinder/. Graduate and undergraduate accounting students may search for additional opportunities through the NIU Scholarship Office.

Graduate Assistantships

Graduate assistantships are one avenue to pay for graduate coursework. Assistantships provide a monthly stipend and a full tuition waiver. General, course, and program fees are the responsibility of the student.

Financial Aid

Funding options for all students can be found through the Financial Aid Office which has information about grants, loans, work-study opportunities, and scholarships.