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Accountancy Department

Professional Exam Preparation

Our goal is to prepare our students to succeed in their chosen careers. Often, that career path will require an exam to obtain certification. Both undergraduate and graduate Accountancy programs at NIU provide students with the technical skills necessary to pass all professional certification examinations. Review courses are available to help you with this journey.

Certified Public Accountant Examination

The CPA Review offers a nationally ranked review course, which includes detailed coverage of all four parts of the exam. Award-winning faculty teach in the review. Students who have completed the CPA Review course have performed extremely well on the exam.

Certified Internal Auditor Examination

NIU is a member of The Institute of Internal Auditor's (IIA) Internal Auditing Education Partnership. To receive an IIA Certification of completion, a student must have either a B.S. in Accountancy at NIU or an M.A.S. degree at NIU and complete ACCY 360, ACCY 462, an approved business elective, and an academic internship (ACCY 473) in the internal audit area. An independent study project (ACCY 472) may be substituted for the academic internship with approval. For additional information regarding the Internal Audit Certificate, please contact Dr. David Sinason at 815-753-6501.