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Executive Positions


The president has the top position in SAS. It is a 2 semester commitment with the first semester as the President-elect and the second semester as the president. Duties of the president include the following:

  • Lead and introduce Speakers at Meetings
  • Contact Speakers prior to the meeting confirm details
  • Reserve rooms for meetings at the beginning of the semester
  • Lead board meetings every Monday
  • Read and approve full disclosure papers
  • Maintain regular contact with faculty advisers and the secretaries in the accounting department


The President-Elect is the position held the semester before becoming president and includes the following duties:

  • Contact firms to set up the meeting schedule next semester
  • Write and send out the weekly email
  • Lead one of the weekly meetings
  • Run a committee
  • Note: The President-Elect must be an Accountancy major with at least junior status

Executive VP

The Executive VP is a two semester commitment. The first semester you are the advisor and have the same duties as every other advisor. The second semester you will be responsible for arranging the firm tour, this includes contacting firms, arranging transportation, etc. The member must also run a committee.

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