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One-Semester Board Positions

Social Chair

The social chair is required to run a number of social events throughout the semester. In the past, we've done ice cream socials, tailgaiting, Chicago Wolves' games, and scavenger hunts. Any ideas for social events are always welcomed. The Social Chair must also run a committee.

VP of Programming

The VP of Programming's main job is to update the SAS database which holds contact information for past members. The VP of Programming must also run a committee.

VP of Committees

The VP of Committees job is to keep a calendar of all of the committees and social events that take place during the semester and make sure events don't overlap. The VP of Committees must also run a committee.


Advisors don't have any additional responsiblities than to run a committee and attend weekly meetings. Those who are advisors to specific positions are required to serve in those positions that following semester and should use their time as advisors to learn what must be done.

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