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Why Join SAS?

The Student Accountancy Society is a student organization intended for those interested in the field of accountancy. We have weekly meetings every Wednesday evening where people from all across the profession come and speak. Whether it be from public accounting or private industry, major firms or small local firms, government or non-profits, audit, tax, or advisory, Presenters students will be exposed to a variety of fields and thus be able to see how the skills they pick up in the classroom translate into the real world. After our meetings, SAS provides our members with dinner in the atrium (and no, it's not pizza every week) where students can personally network with the presenters from that night or just share a meal with fellow SAS members. Social Outings

Besides our weekly meetings, we have regular service and social events throughout the semester that allow our members to take a break from school and serve the broader community. In the past, members have volunteered at Hope Haven, the Northern Illinois Food Bank, and a local animal shelter. We've put together packages for overseas troops, collected canned goods for local food pantries, and donated clothing to Goodwill. Wolves Game We've also participated in NIU Cares Day and sponsored individuals in relay for life. Some of the social events we have organized include ice cream bars, outings at Fatty's, a scavenger hunt across campus, intramurals, football games against BAP, tailgaiting at NIU games, Chicago Wolves games, and the Chicago Auto Show.

SAS is open to all students, regardless of major, class standing, or GPA. Because we are an autonomous organization, all of our dues are invested in our members in the form of meals, social outings, and even scholarships, and any dues you pay will be more than made up for in the weekly dinners alone. So whether you're a graduate student with a clear future ahead, or a freshman who is still making up your mind, SAS has something to offer you, so join us this semester!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact any one of our board members.