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Accountancy Department

Student Organizations

An important part of a student's experiences as an Accountancy major at NIU is participation in the activities of our student organizations. Our student organizations encourage a professional orientation while having fun performing a variety of services to the department, the university, and the community as a whole.

Accountancy Leadership Advisory Council

A council designed to advise the department in all matters in which students have a substantial interest, including curriculum, and the hiring and retention of faculty. Specific activities include: selecting the department's nominee for the University Excellence in Teaching Award, coordinating student evaluations of faculty, and helping recruit new accounting majors. Membership is by nomination from the current ALAC members and is based on leadership abilities--both inside and outside the classroom. www.cob.niu.edu/alac/


A national organization dedicated to further the goals of Pan-Asian leaders. Ascend welcomes all ethnicities, ages and backgrounds to join, network and learn more. The mission of Ascend National is to be the premier professional organization dedicated to enabling its members, business partners and the community to leverage the leadership and global business potential of Pan-Asians. The mission of Ascend at NIU is to generate awareness of the growing influence of Asians in the business globally while helping our members to be better prepared to take advantage of this change and grow professionally. www.cob.niu.edu/ascend


ALPFA is a leading national professional association dedicated to enhancing opportunities for Latinos in the accounting, finance and related professions. ALPFA is open to professionals and students of all races and majors who share our values, mission, and principles. ALPFA NIU's purpose is to develop the professional skills of its members by providing activities and events that promote growth and personal development, build relationships with business professionals, as well as create awareness of the accounting and finance professions within our communities. This is accomplished by presentations from global business leaders, national networking conventions, mentorship programs, community service, and a variety of cultural/social events. www.cob.niu.edu/alpfa

Beta Alpha Psi

A national scholastic and professional accounting honorary organization whose purpose is to promote the study and practice of accounting; to provide opportunities for self-development and association among members and practicing accountants; and to encourage a sense of ethical, social and public responsibilities. The chapter arranges to have professionals give presentations on various aspects of the accounting profession. Beta Alpha Psi also organizes tours of firms, social events, and community service activities. Students may apply to join when enrolled in UBUS 310 if entrance requirements are met. www.cob.niu.edu/bap

National Association of Black Accountants, Inc.

The premiere professional association for developing, and promoting greater participation by African-American and other minorities in the accounting and finance professions. The goals of the association are:

  • To promote and develop the professional skills of our members;
  • To encourage and assist minority students in entering the profession;
  • to provide opportunities for members to fulfill their civic responsibilities;
  • To ensure long-term financial stability, and provide adequate resources to implement chapter, regional and national programs; and
  • To represent the interests of current and prospective minority accounting professionals.

These goals are achieved through the use of guest speakers and a variety of other activities. Qualified students attend an annual regional conference where they have the opportunity to interact with members of other NABA chapters as well as Accounting professionals. www.cob.niu.edu/naba

Student Accountancy Society

A pre-professional organization sponsored by the Department of Accountancy. The purpose of Student Accountancy Society (SAS) is to promote a professional interest and attitude toward the study of accounting; to encourage scholarship; to promote closer affiliation between the business world and the accountancy student; and to encourage active involvement in leadership roles. SAS seeks to aid its members in becoming the student leaders of today and the business leaders of tomorrow by encouraging members to actively participate in all areas of the organization and the Accountancy Department. SAS meets on Wednesday evenings at which time students have the opportunity to hear and to ask questions of representatives from the Accounting profession and other internationally respected business leaders. SAS is open to all declared Accountancy majors or any student who is interested in learning more about leadership, the profession of Accountancy, and the business world. www.cob.niu.edu/sas