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Master of Science in Taxation

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Master of Science in Taxation

American taxpayers spend considerable resources to manage the impact of taxes on their business and personal lives, which is not surprising since "our economy is 'tax relevant' in almost every detail" [Potter Stewart, Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court in U.S. v. Bisceglia, 420 U.S. 141 (1975)]. Given the complexity of our tax laws and rate at which they change, taxpayers increasingly seek assistance from well-trained, experienced professionals to help them with their tax compliance and planning needs

If you are interested in a career in tax or if you already practice tax and want to enhance your understanding of the law, NIU's Master of Science in Taxation [MST] Program can help prepare you for the challenges of the professional practice of tax. In the Program, you will engage in the advanced study of taxation to enhance your technical knowledge and professional skills.

Why Choose NIU's MST Program?

  • You can work while you earn your degree since our courses are taught on weekday evenings at NIU's Hoffman Estates Center.
  • You can work through the program at your own pace so you can balance the program's demands with the other commitments in your life.
  • You can earn Illinois CPE Credit for the courses you complete.
  • You can test-drive the program by taking your first few classes as a student-at-large and deal with applying for admission to the program while you are taking these classes.
  • You can receive personalized academic advising from our full-time Advisor, Suzanne Youngberg, to assist you with admission to and advancement through the program.
  • You will learn with help from highly-qualified professors nationally known for their excellence in teaching, research, and professional service [learn more about our awards & rankings...], knowledgeable adjunct instructors who practice extensively in the areas they teach, and your fellow students who bring a wealth of practical experience to the in-class discussions.
  • You can take advantage of occupational advising and placement services through NIU's Career Services.
  • You can complete the program for a reasonable cost. Scholarships and graduate assistantships are available to assist students financially.

Kate Mantzke, MST Director

Suzanne Youngberg, MST Advisor

Brad Cripe, MST Instructor

Steve Blanc, MST Instructor

Costs for 2014-2015 Academic Year1 In-State Out-of-State
Regional Delivery Fee
Total Tuition and Fees

Technology Surcharge (≤ 6 hours)
Technology Surcharge (≥ 7 hours)
$1,048 / 3 credit class
$  963 / 3 credit class
$2,011 / 3 credit class

$125 / semester
$250 / semester
$2,095 / 3 credit class
$  963 / 3 credit class
$3,058 / 3 credit class

$125 / semester
$250 / semester

1All amounts are rounded. Amounts are effective Fall 2014 through Summer 2015. Tuition and fees are subject to change by the Board of Trustees at any time without notice. Program cost does not include textbook, ancillary expenses, and specific course fees.