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Accountancy Recruiting

Accountancy Internships

The NIU Accountancy Internship program is an academic internship program designed to give qualified applicants practical work experience in the field of accounting. This experience enables a student to assess the correctness of a career choice, to apply in practice concepts and ideas which until now have only been studied in the classroom, and to better choose remaining accountancy electives.

Recruiting Process

The internships are offered for the summer, fall, and spring semesters. Interns work full-time in an accounting function and are compensated by the employer.

Enrollment in the Internship course can earn three credit hours.

Internship Specifics

  • Spring internships generally occur January 2 - March 20
  • Summer internships generally occur mid-May through mid-August
  • Fall internships (yes, we have these!) occur late August - late November
  • We ask that employers provide real-world accounting experience: internal or external audit, tax form preparation, financial reporting, cost management, systems development and/or major involvement in accounting transaction systems provide excellent windows into the world of accounting. The work should be challenging for a student who has completed their junior year of college.
  • Internship employers are not obligated to the intern beyond the term of the internship nor is the intern obligated to the firm subsequent to the period of internship. Students who have committed to Spring internships are not permitted to participate as a candidate in any recruiting activities during the Fall semester preceding their Spring internship. The firms agree they will not, during Fall interviewing, interview any students who have already accepted a spring internship.

NIU utilizes an electronic recruiting system called Huskies Get Hired, which is managed by NIU Career Services. All students interested in internships will post a resume on this system; all employers interested in hiring interns are advised to use this system to post jobs and schedule interviews.

Internship Opportunities by the Numbers

Our internship program continues to be strong! For more information about the Accountancy academic internship program, contact Tamara Phelan at tphelan@niu.edu.

YearSpring Summer Fall Total
2001 13 34 47
2002 33 32 65
2003 42 31 73
2004 50 33 83
2005 58 65   123
2006 67 69   136
2007 70 57 2 129
2008 78 77 2 157
2009 73 39 3 115
2010 70 382 110
2011 68 283 99
2012 57 293 89
2013 76 363 115