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Master of Accounting Science (Leadership)

Admission Criteria

Admission to graduate programs in business is limited to those students who can demonstrate high promise of success in a graduate business degree program. There are a limited number of students who can be admitted to the program. Final admission decisions will be based on GPA, GMAT score, and letters of recommendation.

GMAT Information

Most business graduate applicants are required to submit a Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) score. It is strongly suggested that all candidates consider admission deadline dates when scheduling an appointment for testing. Early test taking offers the candidate the best opportunity for admission into the program.

The NIU College of Business now offers a comprehensive 24-hour GMAT preparation course. For enrollment information, click here.

GPA and GMAT* Score

The minimum criteria are a 2.75 cumulative GPA, 3.00 GPA** in Accountancy courses, 480 GMAT score, and appropriate leadership and communication skills as evidenced by letters of recommendation and goals statement.

In addition, students must have a composite score of 1125 or higher. The composite score is calculated by the following formula: (Cumulative GPA x 200) + GMAT score = 1125 or higher.

* The GMAT requirement is waived for NIU Accountancy students who have an average GPA of 3.40 or better in ACCY 310A, ACCY 310S, ACCY 320, ACCY 331, and ACCY 360 and; a B or better in UBUS 310, UBUS 311, and MGMT 346. Submit the MAS (Leadership) GMAT waiver form along with additional requested documents.

** Calculation of the 3.00 Accountancy GPA will include Phase I Accountancy courses only (or transfer equivalent courses). Phase I courses are:

  • ACCY 310A/S - Accounting Information Systems/Lab
  • ACCY 320 - Intermediate Cost Management
  • ACCY 331- Financial Reporting I
  • ACCY 360 - Assurance Services (Auditing)
  • ACCY 432 - Financial Reporting II
  • ACCY 450 - Taxation of Business Entities and Individuals (beginning tax course)

Admission to the program is competitive and limited to candidates who demonstrate high promise.

If the undergraduate degree is not in accountancy and/or business, the student must fulfill the Phase I College of Business foundation courses and Phase I accountancy requirements. A student who wishes to enroll in Phase I Courses at NIU, must be admitted to the MAS (Leadership) program.

Admission Deadlines

Students who have all documents submitted to Graduate School by the MAS (Leadership) deadline will be considered first for admission.

MAS (Leadership) Application & Fee
to Grad School
Department Priority Deadline
All Supporting Documents
to Grad School Deadline
Students Deadline
SummerFebruary 1stApril 1st-------*
FallMarch 1stJuly 15thMay 1st
SpringSeptember 15thDecember 10thOctober 1st

* International students, who did not graduate from NIU, cannot apply for summer term.

Admissions may be limited; consequently, applicants are strongly recommended to apply by the department priority application deadline.

Admission Process

  1. Complete the following MAS (Leadership) Information Admission Form. This is in addition to filing all documents with the Graduate School. It is the student's responsibility to make sure all documents are on file with the Graduate School by the deadline listed above. NIU students need to submit an unofficial NIU transcript to the Department of Accountancy. The unofficial NIU transcript may be obtained on MyNIU.

  2. Submit the following documents to the Graduate School, along with the nonrefundable $40 application fee:


    Supporting Documents

    • The Career Goal Statement is submitted as a Microsoft Word document through the MyNIU "To Do List". Under the "To Do List", click on "Details", then click the "Career Goals Statement". A link to upload your document will then appear. The goals statement should be two to three paragraphs explaining how the MAS (Leadership) program will help you meet your career goals.
    • Official GMAT score; It takes approximately 2-5 weeks for the official GMAT score to reach NIU.
    • Two letters of recommendation; Preferably from an academic source rather than from a work-related source. You may use the NIU Graduate School recommendation form.
    • Official transcripts (both English and native language copies if you are an international student); Transfer students who submit official transcripts before a bachelor's degree is earned, will need to send another official transcript with the degree posted. Transfer students must submit an official transcript from each school attended, if you wish courses to be evaluated for Phase I requirements. NIU students do not need to submit transcripts to Graduate School for admission purposes or to verify the degree confirmation.
    • TOEFL or IELTS score (if you are an international student who has not earned a bachelor or masters degree from an English speaking college/university). These minimum scores must be attained in order to be considered for admission.
      TOEFL (IBT)
      Total Score
  3. Track your progress through the admission process via the self-service area of MyNIU after your application has been up-loaded into the student database by the Graduate School. Any outstanding documents which are necessary to process your application will be on your "To Do List" on your MyNIU page. It may take several days for MyNIU to reflect the actual receipt of documents to the Graduate School.

    MyNIU will ask for a NIU Z-ID and a password. If you do not have a Z-ID, you need to go to www.newstudents.niu.edu/its/audience/newstudents.shtml for obtaining your login information. To check your admission status go to www.niu.edu/myniu.

Admission Decisions

All admission decisions will be made according to the following schedule. Students must have submitted all documents to Graduate School by the admission deadline below to be considered. The department's admission committee meets after the department deadline and considers all complete applications for admission. Applications submitted after the department deadlines will be considered if additional space in the MAS (Leadership) program is available.

Admission Term
Accountancy Department
Admission Decision
Graduate School Admission
Decision Sent to Student
SummerMid-FebruaryBeginning of March
FallMid-MarchBeginning of April
SpringBeginning of OctoberEnd of October

Once you receive an official Graduate School acceptance letter, you must confirm on MyNIU that you plan to attend NIU.

To answer questions about the MAS (Leadership) program, call (815) 753-1637. Questions concerning applications, documents, and process should be directed to Graduate School.

The Graduate School
Northern Illinois University
DeKalb, IL 60115
Toll Free Number:  (800) 892-3050
Domestic Applicants: gradsch@niu.edu
International Applicants: internationalgrads@niu.edu