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Master of Accounting Science (Leadership)

The MAS (Leadership) & MBA Dual Degree

The Department of Accountancy is excited to announce a new international opportunity in Bordeaux, France for our MAS (Leadership) students. Beginning in the summer of 2014, MAS (Leadership) students will have the option of completing an educational residency at the IAE Bordeaux University School of Management.

This experience - when coupled with our MAS (Leadership) program requirements - will allow students to earn a master's degree in business administration from Bordeaux University while they are also earning their MAS (Leadership) degree. That's right; students in the MAS (Leadership) program can now earn 2 master's degrees!

MAS (Leadership)/MBA Dual Degree Program
Stay or join us to learn more about this exciting partnership between the Department of Accountancy and Bordeaux University!

MAS (Leadership) Program
Learn about the NIU's unique MAS (Leadership) program that qualifies you for the CPA exam (rules changed 7/1/2013) AND helps develop your leadership & communication skills for a rewarding professional career! learn more...

Videos of Bordeaux:

Scenic Perspective

Student Perspective