Week 3: Germane

This week’s “Word of the Week” is germane.  If you need to find a word to convey your desire that others stay on-topic (such as in a discussion, a meeting, or an essay), you should encourage participants to make contributions that are germane.   According to The Merriam-Webster Dictionary, germane is an adjective that means “relevant” or “appropriate.”  In other words, something that is germane is “applicable,” “material,” or “pertinent” to the matter at hand.

Below are some examples of sentences from recent news articles that use the word germane.

Readers are reminded to post comments that are germane to the article and write in a common language that steers clear of personal attacks and/or vulgarities.

Not every census release is germane to business reporters but the one slated for Tuesday certainly is.

The other con — the one more germane to you, your family and your budget — is that all new growth is good.

Whether those specific criminals received said welfare benefits is not particularly germane.

There is some other functionality that we haven’t talked about that is not core to the gameplay per se, but it is germane to the story and fiction fans will probably really enjoy that feature — and it’s a little bit more advanced than just voice functionality.

More germane to thoughts of October, only three teams have secured postseason spots at this point: the Phillies, Yankees and Tigers.

For more information on the word germane, please visit the following Web sites:

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