Broader Business Skills

Last night I had the pleasure of hearing Grant Thornton CEO Stephen Chipman speak in the Barsema Hall Auditorium.  His talk focused on the state of the profession, heavily emphasizing how it continues to evolve in the face of globalization and higher demands for transparency.

He also spent a lot of time talking about what he called broader business skills¬†— communication, leadership, and collaboration. According to Chipman, we ought to be thinking of these not as “soft skills” but as integral to success in the accounting profession. While recognizing that the technical skills students learn in the classroom are important, firms now look for candidates who can demonstrate their intellectual curiosity and leadership experience both in person and in writing–their clients demand it.

In short, firms don’t want people to work; they want people to contribute.

We couldn’t agree more, and it was nice to hear Chipman recognize some of the ways our program helps you develop those broader business skills. The workshops, trips, and experiences you have in the LMAS program augment your technical knowledge and help you stand out, and we hope you’ll drop by the LPDC if there’s anything we can do for you.

Thanks to everyone who helped orchestrate the event last night!

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