Quick Take: “What Science Says About Successful Bosses”

One of our LMAS students passed along a short article about the traits successful leaders tend to share. I¬†recommend you read it yourself–it’ll take two minutes–particularly since the findings are drawn from a “decades-long research project” that studied 150,000 salespeople (9,000 of them are managers). Like my own Hogan survey results, I tend to trust advice more when it’s backed up by some serious data.

According to Chally, the firm that conducted the research, one of the most important traits successful bosses tend to share is humility:

Successful bosses put themselves and their own egos into the background. They focused on coaching employees to perform to their highest potential.

I think we all want to work with and for people who treat us with the same respect they’d show their peers–that’s just common sense. Still, it’s nice to have some evidence that humble bosses are not just great to work with but help move companies forward.

Besides, nobody wants to come across like this guy, right? Come on.

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