Things to Watch For in Thursday’s Vice Presidential Debate

The ability to take a position and construct a compelling argument is an important business skill for students to develop.  Debate is an excellent way to develop your critical thinking and communication skills (and pass ACCY 679!).

This Thursday take the opportunity to watch the vice-presidential debate.  Here are some things to watch for.

  • Notice the different approaches the candidates take to communicate their ideas, perspectives, and plans.
  • Consider the strategies candidates use to answer (or avoid answering) questions.
  • Watch for nonverbal communication such as tone, eye contact, gestures.

After watching the debate, reflect on each candidate’s performance.

  • To what degree did the candidates refer to external sources and statistics?  Did they use sources effectively?
  • What types of arguments did you find compelling?  Why?
  • How did attempts to engage the audience impact perceptions of the argument (e.g., storytelling, statistics, personal anecdotes)?

See the Huffington Post and the Washington Post [via WSJ] for more things to consider before watching the vice-presidential debate.

— Jen and John

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