Word of the Week: Scant

This week’s “Word of the Week” is scant.  According to Webster’s College Dictionary, scant is an adjective that means “barely sufficient in amount or quantity” or “meager.”  Similarly, The Merriam-Webster Thesaurus notes that scant means “less plentiful than what is normal, necessary, or desirable.”  Something that is scant is essentially short in supply (e.g, scant amounts of food, scant development of a paper’s ideas, scant photos of Atlas in this semester’s posts, etc.)


Let’s look at some examples of scant from recent news articles.

“Analysts at the bank said the move was evidence the ‘great rotation’ out of fixed income and into equities had materialised.  But Cowley, head of fixed income at OMGI, said equity market trading volumes remain thin.  ‘There is scant evidence this “great rotation” has taken place, despite the IMA figures showing a bit of a shift,’ he said.  ‘Equity trading volumes are still 28% below what they were in 2007, which shows there is little evidence a shift occurring on a cash level.’” http://bit.ly/14X9AoX

“Government Rajaji Hospital (GRH) in Madurai, the biggest healthcare centre in southern Tamil Nadu, seems to have scant regard for the safe disposal of biomedical waste.  In an utter disregard for the norms, biomedical waste are disposed along with regular garbage in the hospital, creating not just environmental degradation but also posing health hazards.” http://bit.ly/XahV6m

“Though asteroid 2012 DA14 has already made its closest pass of Earth, just a scant 17,200 miles from our surface, you can still watch it recede harmlessly into the cosmos. Fire up your Web browser and hit the links at the bottom of this story to see coverage from around the globe.” http://nbcnews.to/XDWjLE

“The Venezuelan government has provided updates on how he is faring, but his long absence from the country and scant details about his treatment have spurred lawmakers to demand more information about his condition. Earlier this week, Vice President Nicolas Maduro said Chavez was undergoing ‘extremely complex and tough’ treatments, but gave no further details.” http://lat.ms/XcFydb

“The result is a film that screams along (the film is, mercifully, a scant 98 minutes long), often literally moving from explosion to explosion, shootout to shootout with little attention given at all as to who is being shot at and why other than this is simply what must happen in an action film.” http://bit.ly/Zg8kxB

“And yet that is precisely where abattoirs have been migrating over the past decade or so, he adds. The tight profit margins leave scant room for added costs such as transport and loading, so processing units are increasingly attached or nearby, even if separately owned. ‘Traveling a hundred miles there and back, and double-handling of carcasses — these are things abattoirs cannot afford.’” http://wapo.st/Ydolh9

“As recently as Tuesday, there was scant activity in Heinz options. But by Wednesday, as the companies were putting the finishing touches on the deal, options trading jumped, data from Bloomberg shows. The price of Heinz’s stock soared after the deal was announced. The stock finished up nearly 20 percent on Thursday to close at $72.50, matching the offer price.” http://nyti.ms/11LcJdr

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