“Ethics in Leadership”: Patrick Kuhse @ Barsema Hall

Last night I had the pleasure of hearing Mr. Patrick Kuhse speak in BH 200. A former deputy bond trader for the state of Oklahoma, Kuhse spent four years on the lam in Costa Rica to avoid indictment. It’s an incredible story — and easy to see why Kuhse is the subject of Seduced By Success: 8 Critical Thinking Errors That Cause Smart People To Do Dumb Things. (By the way, those are entitlement, super optimism, affection disconnection, seemingly unimportant decisions, rationalization, lazy, victimitis, and situational ethics.)

Although he covered some familiar ground (“Do what you love; it’s not about the money”), I found Kuhse to be engaging, sincere, and worthy of the standing ovation he received from the crowd. I could tell he truly cares about his message and wants to make a difference for those of us just launching our careers.

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