CPA Exam Tip and Book Recommendation

This summer I read The Happiness Advantage:  The seven principles of positive psychology that fuel success and performance at work by Shawn Achor.  After reading the following paragraph, I immediately thought of all of you prepping for the CPA exam.  Here’s a tip you probably won’t find in a CPA review book:

“The benefits of priming the brain with positive thoughts don’t end at childhood either.  To the contrary, studies have found that across the board, in both academic and business setting, these same benefits persist throughout our adult lives.  For instance, students who were told to think about the happiest day of their lives right before taking a standardized math test outperformed their peers.”

So what do you have to lose?  Think of something happy before taking the next section of the CPA exam.  Maybe you will feel happier when you see your results too!

The book was an interesting read.  I enjoyed the emphasis placed on the science of happiness.  The research presented is very compelling, and from a professional standpoint, the research suggests that happiness gives your brain a competitive edge (See principle #1 from Shawn’s book) in the workplace.  So practice today—think of something you are thankful for and start fueling your happiness meter.


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