Tuesday’s Tip: “The Art of Irresistible Email”

As I wrote last week, we’re trying some new things in the LPDC this fall.  Our newest blog feature is Tuesday’s Tip.  Every Tuesday, we’ll post a communication tip that you can put to into practice in your courses and in your future career, so check back regularly!

This week’s tip is courtesy of the LMAS program’s Director of Leadership Development, Jeff Carroll.  Jeff found a great article about email communication on Harvard Business Review.  In “The Art of Irresistible Email,” Katie Smith Milway provides helpful suggestions on how to get your audience to read and respond to the emails you send.  Here’s a quick nugget:

“Before you start typing, consider:

The objective. What do you want to achieve with this email? Is your purpose to inform? Request input? Ask for help?

What-who-when. Your objective will inform the message, including what to write, who should receive it and when to send it. Also think about whether it should come from you, or someone with more seniority.

Visual logic. Clear structure and typographical signalling will boost the odds that your reader will get your message quickly and respond in ways that meet your goal.”

Ultimately, an email is useless if it doesn’t accomplish your goal, so I encourage you to read Smith Milway’s article and give her recommendations a try.  A quick caveat: don’t be afraid to follow up with a phone call if you haven’t gotten a response to your email and a deadline is looming.


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