Frequently Misspelled Words

This portion of the blog is intended to make students more aware of frequently misspelled words.  Misspellings in business documents can lead to incorrect conclusions and judgments about a person’s intelligence, so if you are ever in doubt about the correct spelling of a word, be sure to consult a dictionary.  Do not rely on “Spell Check” to catch your misspellings!

The words listed below are frequently misspelled.  The correct spelling is listed first, followed by common misspellings in parentheses.  To learn more about frequently misspelled words, please consult the additional resources at the end of the list.

a lot (alot)

absorption (absorbtion)

absence (absense)

accidentally (accidently)

accommodate (acommodate, accommadate)

adequately (adequitely)

advertise (advertize)

auxiliary (auxillary)

basically (basicly)

bureaucracy (bueraucracy)

beginning (begining)

conscience (concience)

conscious (concious)

convenient (conveniant)

correlation (corelation, corralation)

defense (defence)

definitely (definately)

e-mail (E-mail, Email, email)

judgment (judgement)

knowledgeable (knowledgable)

embarrassed (embarassed)

efficient (efficiant, eficient)

elicit (ellicit)

fallacy (falacy)

guarantee (garantee)

illogical (ilogical)

immediately (immediatly)

indispensable (indispensible)

influential (influencial)

innocuous (inocuous)

irresistible (irresistable)

leisurely (leisurly)

license (licence)

maintenance (maintanence)

maneuver (manuever)

necessary (neccesary)

noticeable (noticable)

nuclear (nucular)

nuisance (nusance)

occurrence (occurance, occurence)

online (on-line, On-line)

parallel (parralel, parellel)

practically (practicly)

precedent (precident)

privilege (privilige, privlige)

questionnaire (questionaire)

received (recieved)

relevant (relavent)

repetition (repitition)

regardless (irregardless)

reversible (reversable)

separate (seperate)

sincerely (sincerley, sincerly)

soluble (solluble)

succeed (suceed)

sufficient (sufficiant, suficient)

summarize (sumarize)

surprise (suprise)

tendency (tendancy)

thorough (thorogh)

through (thru, threw)

transferred (transfered)

unanimous (unanamous)

undoubtedly (undoubtadly, undoutedly)

unfortunate (unfortunite)

usually (usualy)

Web site (Website, web site, website)

weird (wierd)

yield (yeild)

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