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Alumni Newsletter ~ April 2015 Excerpt

The DuCray Pledge & Endowment Challenge

Distinguished Donor Profile: Dean & Brenda DuCray

The DuCraysWith very little money in his pocket Dean DuCray set out to attend NIU as a freshman in 1960. A first generation college student, Dean worked pumping gas, stacking books at the library and washing dishes at the Uptown restaurant. “Back then, with the cost of tuition at roughly $129 per semester, students could obtain an education by paying their own way through school. That is no longer feasible for students today. That’s why my wife, Brenda, and I give back,” explains Dean.

In 2010, the DuCrays pledged $1 million to the Department of Accountancy to establish a faculty excellence fund that is used to support teaching, research and special activities for NIU’s world class accounting faculty. 

In addition, the DuCray Endowment Challenge was started. For any new endowment created in the Department of Accountancy, the DuCrays will give an additional $15,000 to the fund.

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