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Alumni Newsletter ~ October 2014 Excerpt

Father Follows in Son’s Footsteps to
NIU Accountancy Program

Justin & Anthony Bubb

Northern Illinois University College of Business 2013 Accountancy alumnus, Justin Bubb, never expected to blaze the trail for his father, Anthony Bubb. But, when his father decided to attend NIU and study accountancy just after his own graduation, Justin overflowed with pride in his alma mater and his father. It didn’t take long for Justin to form best practices for Anthony. He provided him with a list of professors he recommended while giving insights into the classes offered, suggested student organizations, and offered tremendous support.

In 2006, Anthony suffered from a serious injury while in the electrical profession and in 2011 began taking business administration courses at a junior college. Half way through his first semester he found out he liked accounting. He worked hard to graduate from junior college early. Based on Anthony's experiences at NIU and “knowing the reputation of NIU’s Accountancy Program,” he decided to move to DeKalb and live in the dorms at the age of 50.

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