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Make A Profound Difference:
Angels Fund Impacts Students, Non-Profits, and Communities

Non-profits play an integral role in our lives. Non-profits enrich our communities. In fact, they make their way into our lives more often than we may acknowledge. Your child's little league or extra-curricular activities are probably a non-profit. Did you adopt your pet or have it treated at the local humane society? Or perhaps you are a part of a professional association that is a non-profit?

To support the non-profit sector, the NIU Business Experiential Learning Center (ELC) announces its Angels Foundation Fund. The ELC connects teams of NIU students with organizations to tackle real-world business problems. Since 2005, the ELC has teamed 790 students with 128 business projects. "We would like to provide more opportunities for students to work with non-profits," explains Joan Petros, ELC Director. "The fund was designed to connect non-profit organizations to the ELC who are not in a financial position to pay the ELC project fees. It's a genuine win-win."

Many non-profits feel the brunt of chaotic change. Their needs range from growing their client or donor base to addressing strategic planning to enhance their missions. Many face significant business challenges without the resources to tackle them. Through the ELC Angels Foundation Fund, donations from multiple sponsors cover the costs of faculty stipends, materials and supplies, travel, and technology. Deserving non-profits must apply for funding and meet specific criteria.

The worthy non-profit organization gains access to NIU's bright young perspectives. And the students, who are guided by faculty, gain the invaluable experience of creating solutions that are put to use. Students get to see firsthand that they can make a profound difference in an organization.