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Alumni Newsletter ~ December 2014 Excerpt

Sales Decathlon: Where the Best of the Best Compete

A competition to find top talent. Students compete for the coveted title of “Sales Athlete of the Year” and an Adobe job offer.

The Sales Decathlon, created by the Professional Sales Program at Northern Illinois University, "offers students a chance to pit their talents versus others to see who can better meet the client’s needs. It mimics the complete sales process, from leaving a voicemail, executing a call, and perhaps closing the sale. You must be sharp in each of the 10 events, or someone else will take your prospect, period," emphasizes Robert M. Peterson, Ph.D., Director of the NIU Professional Sales Program.

Sarah Hodge"The Sales Decathlon awarded me the opportunity to network with companies actively seeking to hire talented sales professionals. These corporate representatives were able to engage with the contestants in a more personal and more intimate manner in order to provide the students with a detailed and insightful overview of sales roles within their companies.

Other than obtaining a degree, participating in the Sales Decathlon has been the most beneficial investment I have made for my future."

- Sarah Hodge, NIU Marketing & Sales Student

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