Top Ranked Ethics Program
Contributor: Dr. William McCoy

For the third year in a row, Business Week has ranked NIU’s College of Business ethics education among the top three in the nation. BELIEF (Building Ethical Leaders in an Integrated Ethics Framework) is our signature ethics program used to integrate ethics education throughout the business curriculum of the college. Since its 2006 inception, over 5,000 College of Business students have been exposed to this vitally important subject.

It would not be possible without the support of our corporate partners whose sponsorship contributions fund the BELIEF Program. In addition, corporate partners are helping to shape and affirm the content of this program. A special thanks to: 

•  AT&T
•  Caterpillar
•  Experian
•  Microsoft
•  National Bank & Trust – Sycamore
•  Nicor Gas/AGL Resources Company
•  Northwestern Mutual Finance Network
•  Road Ranger

The student arm of BELIEF - LEAD (Leaders in Education and Academic Discipline) – continues to thrive by developing a myriad of programming opportunities to enhance education throughout the college.

We are committed to ensuring that our business graduates (your future employees) not only have an excellent technical education, but also are ethically grounded and prepared for the complexities of the business world and life. We need your help. Please consider getting involved in the classroom or as a corporate partner.  For more information, please contact
Dr. William McCoy or call (815) 753-7807.

Building Ethical Leaders
Contributor: Dr. William McCoy

Why do good people sometimes make bad decisions? Often it is because they are thrust into a situation where they feel compelled to act in a way that hasn’t been fully thought through. Consequences are not considered. Bad decisions are typically made in haste or when there is significant personal stake involved. These factors make people either unable or unwilling to evaluate the ramifications of their actions. As a result, actions may not be in the best interest of principle guidelines or worse, they may be a clear violation of the law.

The NIU College of Business BELIEF Program has developed a decision-making guide to help individuals think through and process the consequences of an action or decision. The guide is a culmination of various sources and common sense. The steps include:

1. Determining the facts and stating the problem.
2. Ascertaining the stakeholders.
3. Identifying relevant factors.
4. Developing a list of 3-5 options.

Once options are developed to deal with the ethical dilemma, a “test” is used to determine which option emerges as the right solution. These “tests” include (but are not limited to):

•  Legality test – Is this option legal? If not, stop here!
•  Mom test – What would my mom say if she learned of this option?
•  Publicity test – Would I want my choice of this option published in the newspaper?

Observe the following suggested test options

Utilizing several of these test options prior to finalizing a decision will help when dealing with ethical dilemmas. Remember: good people can make bad decisions. But these steps can minimize the chances of that scenario.

Eller Case Competition

Last year, NIU College of Business students Austin Schulte (‘12 Marketing) and Sam Kunde (‘12 Accountancy) placed 2nd in the International Collegiate Ethics Case Competition. The pair flew to University of Arizona in October after sharpening their presentation skills over the summer and preparing their competition response in 3 short weeks.

As a College of Business alumnus, you can help us bring back first place this year by supporting the BELIEF program. Your contributions can help pay for travel, hotel and training. Contact Dr. William McCoy for more information.
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Austin Schulte (left) and Sam Kunde (right)

Golden Can Competition

Every November, the College of Business hosts another serious competition…The Golden Can Food Drive. The contest challenges faculty and staff to donate items to a food pantry chosen by the department. These donations provide meals and household supplies to those in need within our college community.

The Golden Can Food Drive challenges each department to fill the most boxes with donation items. The department that fills the most wins The Golden Can Award. Last year, OM&IS crushed other departments by collecting and donating 85 boxes to Feed ‘Em Soup in DeKalb. Accountancy came in 2nd place with 34 boxes, donated to Bethlehem Lutheran Church in DeKalb.

This year, we are changing the recipe a little …. Alumni are invited to compete. If you are interested in making a donation (food or monetary), we encourage you to call the departmental contact of your choice.


Contest is November 1 – 21, 2012
Donations need to be in the Departmental Office by November 21st
Donate now! Good luck!

Golden Can Food Departmental Contacts

Accountancy – Margaret Berg
Dean’s Office/General college donation – Lenita Hepker
Finance – Sara Tomlinson
Management – Angie Euhus
Marketing – Cassie Weyland
MBA – Claire Duvall
OM&IS – Kelly Stewart


Volume 1, Issue 4   October 2012

Upcoming Events

October 27, 2012
MKTG 450 Alumni event, farewell to Dr. Weilbaker (retirement) and Huskie Watch Party - Rockit Bar & Grill, Chicago

November 1, 2012
Finance Alumni
Networking Reception
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November 10, 2012

4th Annual MBA Global Perspective Breakfast Speaker Series:
Jeffrey Yordon

May 3, 2013
COB Alumni Luncheon

June 13, 2013
Management & Marketing Alumni Event - Kane County Cougars game

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Sherron Watkins Comes to NIU
The Enron whistleblower, Sherron Watkins, spoke to over 500 College of Business students, faculty and staff on October 10th. This down-to-earth, modest woman rocked the corporate world when she exposed accounting fraud in August 2001 as the Vice President of Corporate Development. She believes much of the cover-up at Enron was due to greed, power, celebrity and fame. After years testifying at congressional investigations to detail the fraud, she now gives speeches at colleges and management congresses while teaching Adult Christian Education. The lessons she learned can be summed up by her favorite poet, Charles Mackay: “Men, it has been said, think in herds; it will be seen that they go mad in herds, while they only recover their senses, slowly, one by one.”
October 25-26
International Ethics Case Competition
University of Arizona

March 1, 2013
Ethics Case Competition
NIU, College of Business

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