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Contributor: Cassandra Young

My best friend went to the same university as her father and her seven siblings. For my friend, it was a no-brainer; she had to attend the university. It was her legacy.

It's not always so clear cut for the rest of us. NIU graduates from the 1980s who now have children entering college may not be feeling the need to encourage an NIU legacy. Why is this happening? After all, NIU is a great school and always has been. NIU is a viable option for many types of students, with varying areas of interest from across the globe. While our legacy tradition could be stronger, we do have an education that is clearly well worth its investment.

The NIU College of Business ranks in the top third (No. 45) of Businessweek's list of "Top Undergraduate B-Schools for ROI" with a return-on-investment of $4.74 in salary earned per annual tuition dollar spent. The rankings measure the cost of tuition versus the lifetime salary earnings and our program is ranked as one of the best return on investments when compared to other business schools in the state of Illinois.

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Read profiles below of some parents and children who attended NIU and find out how they encouraged legacy.

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The NIU Legacy:
Two Fathers Talk and Find Out their Children ARE Listening
Contributor: Lia Gillet

Parents of teenagers often ask themselves, "Is my kid listening? Is anything I am saying having an impact?" 1981 NIU College of Business graduates and fathers Marty Oosterbaan and Ralph Strozza believe so. They've been sharing their NIU triumphs, failures, and some "good old college days" stories with their kids, who on their own, decided to attend NIU.

Ralph Strozza explains, "Sharing personal experiences, both positive and negative, is a critical responsibility for every parent. Sharing the legacy helps children to understand what made us who we are and guides them in their own journey as they receive diplomas and embark upon their own life experiences." Both Ralph's son and daughter are graduates of NIU, and since they both majored and minored in the same disciplines as he, Ralph's stories were especially relevant and allowed his children a different perspective on their academic experiences. And when his son was assigned the dorm room next to the one he had studied and slept in, the stories became even more real.

Marty Oosterbaan was pleased that his daughter and two of his three sons came to NIU. “For me, NIU is where the possibilities in this world come into focus, and I want my children to take maximum advantage of that so they can go forward in their lives with confidence.” Marty believes sharing his legacy helps to provide his children with perspective “about what's really important and how the passage of time changes one's priorities.” He feels it can also help to “take some of the stress off, keep things in balance, and encourage fun along the way.”

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Then vs. Now at NIU

Best Dorm

Then: Douglas and Stevenson
Now:  Gilbert and New Residence Hall

Best Restaurant

Then: Hannigan's Pizza
Now:  Fatty's

Best Hot Spot

Then: McCabe's, Red Lion, The Uprising
Now:  Fatty's and Molly's

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Thinking & Doing - An Ongoing Legacy
Contributor: Michelle DeJean

How do you want to be known?  For organizations, building a legacy around a brand identity starts and lasts by understanding what matters most to the market and then consistently delivering it.  Under the Dean's direction, the college's marketing director developed a video project with a group of students to capture their thoughts on the NIU College of Business.  The question they were asked was simple:  "How is the NIU College of Business experience uncommon to you?"  The students' responses so consistently affirm the college's brand "Where the Classroom Meets the Business World" that their remarks were edited together and serve as the college's new recruitment video.     

Click to view the video, entitled "See learning & business differently."


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