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As Director of the College of Business Experiential Learning Center (ELC), it is my pleasure to welcome you to this month's college newsletter highlighting our new Angels Foundation Fund and the passionate people working with the ELC that come together to improve the quality of life for others in the non-profit space. I am proud of the ELC and honored to be a part of something unique and extremely valuable for our students and the organizations we work with.

Everyone can see the development in students over the course of a project. One ELC team member told me even her mother noticed she was acting more professionally in her communication style and her approach to problem solving. Organizations get fresh ideas from highly motivated future business leaders and the satisfaction of significantly contributing to the educational experience of a talented group of students. In the ELC, we experience learning by doing.

In this edition you will learn more about the launch of the Angels Foundation Fund and its first recipient, Turning Point, and hear how the Young Professionals Network at McDonald's Corporation is tapping into the ELC to help a non-profit. The ELC is thrilled to support non-profits that are running on less and needing more business savvy - and they are getting it from NIU.

The ELC touches students, faculty, alumni, businesses (for profit and non-profit) and communities. Do you have an idea for an ELC project to support your group's philanthropic efforts? Contact Joan Petros, ELC Director, at jpetros@niu.edu.

Make a Profound Difference: Angels Fund Impacts Students, Non-Profits, and Communities

Non-profits play an integral role in our lives. Non-profits enrich our communities. In fact, they make their way into our lives more often than we may acknowledge. Your child's little league or extra-curricular activities are probably a non-profit. Did you adopt your pet or have it treated at the local humane society? Or perhaps you are a part of a professional association that is a non-profit?

To support the non-profit sector, the NIU Business Experiential Learning Center (ELC) announces its Angels Foundation Fund. The ELC connects teams of NIU students with organizations to tackle real-world business problems. Since 2005, the ELC has teamed 790 students with 128 business projects. "We would like to provide more opportunities for students to work with non-profits," explains Joan Petros, ELC Director. "The fund was designed to connect non-profit organizations to the ELC who are not in a financial position to pay the ELC project fees. It's a genuine win-win."

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No one can do everything, but everyone can do something. Non-profits know this mantra all too well. We invite you to do something by becoming a sponsor. Consider a donation to the Experiential Learning Center Angels Foundation Fund today.

Young Professionals at McDonald's turn to the ELC:
Students to Build Financial Modeling Tool for Non-Profit

When the Young Professionals Network (YPN) at McDonald's Corporation heard about the NIU Business Experiential Learning Center (ELC), the members jumped at the opportunity to raise funds for an ELC project to help Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC). The YPN offers programs and leadership opportunities to its 300 members supporting three pillars: career development, networking, and philanthropy.

The YPN has worked with RMHC in many ways before, mainly volunteering at a local Ronald McDonald House, but this is the first time it has been able to support a valuable business project. "This is a unique philanthropic opportunity," shares Chris Gundersen, YPN co-chair and IT Project Leader. "We can help the RMHC business practices and procedures, in addition to helping NIU students gain exposure to working with a large organization. The YPN has a similar goal for our members. We want young professionals at McDonald's Corporation to have opportunities to enhance their business skills."

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Do you have an idea for an ELC project to support your group's philanthropic efforts? Contact Joan Petros, ELC Director, at jpetros@niu.edu.

Crisis Intervention Non-profit Receives Angel Funding

Home is supposed to be a safe haven. But many women and children depend on Turning Point, a crisis intervention 501 (c)(3) non-profit agency confronting violence against women and children.

The agency will receive project funding from the NIU Business Experiential Learning Center Angels Foundation Fund. “I cannot put into words how grateful we are,” shares Jane Farmer, Turning Point Executive Director. “We simply could not accomplish the tasks to reach the goals of the project without the Business Experiential Learning Center (ELC) and the student team. And this wouldn't be possible without the Angel Fund.”

The ELC team will develop a social media initiative with a goal to cultivate and engage donors and volunteers who are new to the organization. In addition, the ELC team will develop a strategic initiative for a planned giving campaign that can be used to attract potential donors. Serving 1,754 clients in 2012, and responding to 5,228 crisis hotline and information calls, the donations Turning Point receives help provide life-changing and lifesaving services and a secure shelter.

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Vol. 2, Issue 9           September  2013

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