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College of Business Alumni

Leadership is Color Blind - A Profile of Accountancy Student Daihee Cho

Coming to the United States from South Korea as a 16-year old with limited English, this ambitious teenager has quite a story. Once in the U.S., he lived with his college-aged brother in Oak Park, half-way between UIC, where his brother attended college, and Elmhurst, where Daihee attended Timothy Christian High School. Without the watchful eye of parents, Daihee Cho managed his own life, including waking up, making meals, getting himself to school, doing homework, and playing soccer (which won the state championship during his senior year) - all while being the first Asian student government president.

After graduating high school, Daihee applied to NIU's Accountancy program because he wanted to attend a top school. While at NIU, his ambitious drive didn't stop. He became a member of several organizations where he represents the College of Business: Northern Lights Ambassador; Dean's Student Advisory Board; Director of Student Life for the Student Association; President of Residence Hall Association; and President, Beta Alpha Psi Accountancy Honors Society. If that isn't enough, he is also a University Honors Fellow for the University Honors Program. What his biography doesn't convey is his absolute infectious, positive attitude. He is a ball of energy and passes that along to whomever he is with. The smile on his face is genuine and contagious.

After graduating with a degree in Accountancy (due December 2013), don't think this go-getter is going to become a couch potato. He will enroll in the Master's program in Accountancy, then sit for the CPA exam. After that, his plans include law school and a career in international relations. We are proud to claim this ambitious and motivated student as one of our own.