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Contributor: Cassandra Young

My best friend went to the same university as her father and her seven siblings. For my friend, it was a no-brainer; she had to attend the university. It was her legacy.

It's not always so clear cut for the rest of us. NIU graduates from the 1980s who now have children entering college may not be feeling the need to encourage an NIU legacy. Why is this happening? After all, NIU is a great school and always has been. NIU is a viable option for many types of students, with varying areas of interest and from across the globe. While our legacy tradition could be stronger, we do have an education that is clearly well worth its investment.

The NIU College of Business ranks in the top third (No. 45) of Businessweek's list of "Top Undergraduate B-Schools for ROI" with a return-on-investment of $4.74 in salary earned per annual tuition dollar spent. The rankings measure the cost of tuition versus the lifetime salary earnings and our program is ranked as one of the best return on investments when compared to other business schools in the state of Illinois.

Finally, according to AffordableCollegesOnline.com, NIU offers the third-best return on investment (behind University of Illinois-Champaign and University of Illinois-Chicago) among public universities in the State of Illinois. Thirty nine public and private universities in Illinois were ranked after the authors analyzed a total of 315 Illinois institutions. According to the study, the average graduate from NIU will earn about $600,000 more over the course of his or her career than an individual without a degree.

It worked for me. I, for one, did encourage my college-aged kids to attend NIU. Why wouldn't I want my children to have the same great opportunity, experience and life that I enjoyed at NIU? Legacy or not, NIU is a great place to live, learn, and grow.

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