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Narrowing the Gender Gap: Helping Women in Technology

OM&IS is a unique, innovative discipline at NIU. Our graduates help solve business problems using technology and process improvement. Many industries are snapping up graduates who can read, interpret and manipulate data. The OM&IS employment rate after graduation is 93% (of those who responded to a recent alumni survey we sent out) and our graduates go on to be leaders in their field. But we are deficient in one area—females entering the program. The percentage of women entering OM&IS is estimated at 20%.

Chris Millington, a first rate problem solver, friend and donor to the department, is working to narrow the gender gap and help increase the number of females studying OM&IS. Chris and his wife, Lorraine, have established the Marian Elizabeth Millington Scholarship for the Advancement of Women in Information Technology to assist OM&IS female students in need. The fund was set up to honor Chris' mother who was a huge supporter of Chris and instrumental in his education. This scholarship will help women with financial need who want to study OM&IS.

In addition, Chris and Lorraine are renewing their already widely popular scholarship challenge. The challenge is open to all OM&IS alumni, family and friends who have not established a scholarship to take part in a donation matching opportunity. How does it work? Make a $1,500 donation to establish your own scholarship, and the Millingtons will make a one-time match of $1,500 — a 100% return on investment. The match will create a $3,000 scholarship, which can be named in honor of a family member or in memory of a loved one. Donors may also establish the award criteria for a specific OM&IS recipient, such as a female student, transfer student, minority student, among other requirements.

With the Marian Elizabeth Millington Scholarship and the Millington's challenge, we hope to increase the female population in the OM&IS discipline and create more opportunities for female students.

To learn more about starting your own named scholarship, contact Anthony D'Andrea at adandrea@niu.edu.