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College of Business Alumni

Scholarships for All Reasons: It's Not Always About the Money.
Contributor: Cassandra Young

During his last year as a College of Business marketing student, Corey Kravitz applied for the Outstanding Sales Student Scholarship to help pay off some of his college debt. He was pleased to hear that he was awarded the scholarship and was grateful to apply the money towards his educational bills. What he didn't expect was the additional benefit he received when told the news: he felt valued and appreciated. The scholarship's impact on Corey helped carry him through his final year at NIU. When Corey graduated in 2012 and started working, he decided it was time to give back. With the help and support of his wife, Katie, (an NIU alumna) and mother (Rhonda Fried) - his lifetime support - Corey established his own scholarship.

He didn't have to look far for his inspiration. The Dr. Robert Peterson Scholarship was created as a tribute to one of the most instrumental professors Corey had at NIU. Dr. Peterson not only taught Corey great sales fundamentals, tips and strategies, but he also mentored Corey through his last two years of school. Corey learned most from and appreciated the field trips, sales competitions, and hands-on activities arranged by Dr. Peterson. These interactive learning opportunities sharpened Corey's sales skills. Dr. Peterson also took the extra step and encouraged Corey to take an internship at Nenni & Associates, which ultimately led to a full-time job after graduation.

"The Dr. Robert Peterson Scholarship rewards those who excel in classes at one of the best sales programs I've been exposed to," says Corey. The intent is to pass on the good feeling Corey experienced when he received his scholarship. It's not always about the money.

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