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College of Business Alumni

College of Business Sees Continued Increase in Scholarships
Contributor: Lia Kizilbash Gillet

NIU Business students today will find more scholarship opportunities in the College of Business than in years past. All because of YOU—our generous alumni community. Anthony D'Andrea, Director of Development at NIU's College of Business, shares, "Year after year we add more scholarships to our roster to offer business students. It's a win-win for our alumni and students. Alumni value scholarships for the impact they make. Scholarships provide them with a meaningful way to give back and even to honor someone who made a difference in their own lives. Students hear these stories and learn firsthand what motivates alumni to help them. The students truly come to understand the real significance of receiving such a valuable gift."

At the college level, there are over one hundred named scholarships, and within each department there are multiple scholarships available. The Department of Accountancy is a leader in establishing named scholarships for their students. Department Chair, Jim Young, says, "I couldn't be prouder of the commitments made by our alumni in awarding student scholarships each year. It's a true testament to the value they place on their NIU education and their desire to reach back and help our current students. And, they are teaching our current students to do the same after they graduate." Each department holds an award ceremony for the scholarship recipients and their families. It's the perfect time for individuals funding scholarships to interact with student recipients.

2013 NIU graduate Michael Cahill received a number of scholarships during his academic career. Michael explains why scholarships are crucial at the college and department levels. "I had plans to attend another school. But when I received a scholarship created by College of Business alumni who are C-level Executives, I quickly changed my mind. The money I was set to receive was as equally important to me as the networking, guidance, and prestige associated with the scholarship. Interviewing with successful alumni for the scholarship provided me with the bigger picture. Alumni give back to College of Business students to build the next generation of employees at their companies. They keep their monetary gifts close to home and to their hearts. I wanted to be part of that and be their next employee. Doing so helped me land a job."

The momentum behind the rise in scholarships is more important than ever. With the cost of education increasing (2013-2014 total budget estimate for a full-time student is $28,408), students need additional support. NIU's College of Business genuinely thanks all individuals, organizations, and businesses that work hard each year to provide scholarships and thereby make a profound impact in the lives of students.

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